Friday, November 21, 2008

Makin' Lemonade From Lemons!

My lemon tree is full of luscious fruit...
just ripe for the pickin'!

It's humbling when your time and effort by blogging actually inspires others. This morning I was nominated for the "Lemonade Award" by Red, SassynSappy. I am thrilled and also touched that someone recognized my struggle and my triumph in my post, Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

I am inspired by the many who share their story by writing or through their art within this community. They are givers. I'm constantly amazed. I am passing this award nomination along to those who have touched me, made me laugh and/or "wowed" me. Thank you!



Walt said...

Well good for you! I did not see this blog before, I must have missed it somehow. Indeed you are a good writer and I admire your courage to live in such a remote desolate place. I still think you need a few good dogs They are more loyal companions than men, and will protect and guard your place against predators.

OMYWORD! said...

Thank you velly mulch for sending me a lemonade stand. Here in Paree, they infuse lemonade with rosemary. mmmm.

Thanks for being such a long-time reader, and for taking care of those Cowboys From Mars. I mean, somebody has to. Right? I am so happy you have joined us here in Bloggolandia, and I wish you as much pleasure in writing, as we get in reading what you write.

RetroKimmer said...

Good you have it too! I added a button for Turq Moon on Retro and one for Screaming on Snarky today. Hope you like it, if not shoot some art you do like. Cheers!

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