Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Turquoise Moon Gallery: Coyote

Coyote Self-Portrait
John Nieto
Click on painting for larger view



Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous blog and I love the painting!
I made my way here through a comment that you left on one of my blog giveaways. I was recently tagged with a new and interesting version of the old game and upon reading your blog, I think that it might be right up your alley.
So consider yourself "tagged":)
Stop by and take a look (there's also a new giveaway in the previous post)
Thanks for a great read and beautiful visuals!

Anonymous said...

You really have an online gallery going on here! It's wonderful, Me-Me! :)

LLnL said...

Those colors are gorgeous, making me believe that the coyote is approachable creature. After all he is very artistic and very talented : )

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