Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Turquoise Moon Gallery - Hopi Migration

Hopi Migration
Dennis Numkena
7'x7' Oil on Canvas
Click on painting for larger view.


Mulled Vine said...

I think its upside down.


Anonymous said...

Ooh... I like that. I love the rich reds and how they're used in the composition. :)

Spiritual Blogger said...

Wow, that's just incredible! The Hopi are so advanced in their shamanic wisdom.

Another coincidence: (keep having them with things I see in your blogs!) just yesterday I had a million things to do, but before I did anything I decided to have a session with Hopi ear candles. Ear candles balance the inner ear by removing any buildup of wax. Might sound a bit icky but afterward you feel fantastic. :-)

Walt said...

Jeepers, that looks awesome. I always wanted to try some peyote, Hopi Migration reminds me of a psychedelic poster I once had back in the wild 70's when I was doing my best to be Mr.Cool.

Me-Me King said...

@ Mulled Vine - You know, that's an interesting perspective.

@ Tony Single - Dennis Numkena uses a rich palette in all his works. Glad you enjoyed it.

@ Spiritual Blogger - Numkena is a true visionary artist and paints from the many worlds of the Hopi. I'm happy you are familiar with these "peaceful people".

@ Walt - Well, here's something from the new millenium to keep you always Mr. Cool.

YogaforCynics said...

Wow...very cool.

Nice new digs ya got here, Margo....

Me-Me King said...

@ YogaForCynics - Yes, Dennis is amazing. I hope you visited his website.

Thanks - I love it here!

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