Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Turquoise Moon Gallery - The Horseman

The Horseman
Michael Broadway
Acrylic/Airbrush on Canvas


Ms Macky said...

Gorgeous painting Michael! I love the lightning behind the subject. Fabulous piece.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! Reminds me of that Johnny Cash song "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky". I'm speechless.

Spiritual Blogger said...

Despite the huge crash of lightning, this work resonates with a feeling of complete serenity.

I would say that the artist is not afraid of LIFE.

I also like how there's a hint of colour in this piece, and not total blackness. Very nice! :-)

Me-Me King said...

@Ms Macky - Yes, it is fabulous!

@Tony - Wow, I should have added an audio I'm speechless.

@Scott - Good eye! I hope you clicked through to Michael's website to take in more of his art.

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