Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's Serenade: Diana Krall

Sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of Diana Krall as she performs Joni Mitchell's A Case of You.



suZen said...

What a soothing, lovely voice! Thank you for sharing this. Where is she from? No doubt she is a rising star!

timethief said...

I love both Diana's voice and Joni's too. It's good to know that Americans are aware of who Diana is as an outstanding Canadian vocalist and not just as Elvis Costello's wife. Thanks for posting this.

Me-Me King said...

@ SuZen - Diana Krall is a well known Jazz performer from Canada. Some of my favorites are her duets with Tony Bennett and Willie Nelson. I'm glad you liked her music. Try searching YouTube, I'm sure you'll be surprised by the number of selections there.

@ TimeThief - Oh, yes, I love Diana Krall and have been a fan of hers for many, many years. Her music stylings are among my favorites. If I were given the opportunity to sing with anyone on the planet - it would have to be Diana.

RetroKimmer said...

I LOVE how you grouped the 125s' together on the bottom side! Perfect!

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