Friday, March 13, 2009


Spring is definitely upon us. Just last week I was observing a couple of male Ruby Throated hummingbirds as they vied for the attention of a little female. They were fussing and dive-bombing one another until the stronger prevailed.  I grabbed my camera and caught this little guy defending his turf.  

Now, I have always watched Discovery and Animal Planet and I have seen the mating habits of most species roaming this planet. However, I had never seen hummingbirds mate until that day. Such grace in mid-air.

I walked out onto the porch yesterday and found the little female building her nest in a wind chime made of horseshoes.  I carefully snapped a shot to document the success of the mating.  Stay tuned, love is in the air.

Click photos for a closer look



suZen said...

Ahhh, spring. Yeah, hurry it up here in the midwest! I'm sure our hummingbirds aren't around yet but I will look for them - thanks for reminding me it's all coming our way!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice shots!

I found you on Twitter.

Janna said...

Back when my mother was really into gardening, she loved seeing all the hummingbirds zipping around.
I'm still amazed by how tiny they are.

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