Friday, February 27, 2009

Righteousness: Patricia Tye

Please welcome my special guest author, Patricia Tye. Patti has recently published her first book and has more in the works.

RIGHTEOUSNESS is a poignant, suspenseful story about Tom Black and Sara Dobbs’ journey to save one of the world’s largest legacies that includes a
groundbreaking discovery ─ a potential cure that can save his client’s life.

Reclusive multibillionaire, David Sims, is dying from cancer so he must settle his estate quickly and quietly. Without any living relatives, he entrusts his lawyer, Tom Black to bring four people to Michigan for a meeting that will change their lives forever.

Word leaks out and Black and Dobbs, an Afghanistan battle-trained FBI special agent, find themselves on a collision course with criminals intent on killing the heirs and stealing Sims fortune. They travel to Austin, Lake Tahoe and Silicon Valley to solve the overwhelming case and restore Sims legacy.

From the Author…

The coolest part of writing a novel is that you decide the story, the characters, the setting and the intrigue. If you’re like me, you’ll write down everything about your characters on separate pages. Not only to flesh them out, but to remember them all.

As a fiction writer, you also decide what happens -- the good, the bad and the ugly. The most difficult task was to create the evil characters, but it was also the most fun and creative aspect. In the beginning, I wrote several possible endings and as I came close, I didn’t use any of them. The story and the characters produced a more powerful ending that I had planned.

My next project has already begun and it’s a mystery, taking a few characters from
Righteousness along with me.

Patricia Tye

To learn more about Patti, her writing or to order a copy of this thrilling novel, please click here to view her blog. --MK



RetroKimmer said...

Thank you so much what a nice job!

South East Media said...

Looks like a great mystery novel.
Thanks for showcasing it

Gay McC said...

okay here goes, I thought the site was wonderfully done, l am reading Patti's book now . She is a great storytellar. gm

Patti said...

Thanks Me Me for the opportunity to post on the beautiful Turquoise Moon.
I really appreciate your work.

Patricia Tye

suZen said...

I always enjoy reading and discovering a new author. Thanks for the info - will be reading this one for sure!

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