Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009: Mother Earth

Seven Grandmothers
Jim Nelson
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Mother Earth

by James Orvil Beady

With fire in her belly her head in the clouds 
Cloaked with robes of blue green waters 
Where is she from Who placed her here 
And how was her path determined 

She is mother to all 
Host to the living mourner of the departed 
She drinks the blood of the fallen 
And stores the dead in her belly 

Here from the beginning 
Her age and history remain her closely guarded secret 
Her sunrises cannot be counted 
Her twilights are without number 

Her hosts are countless yet she provides for them all 
Who is her counselor 
Who is her mentor and guardian 
Who is her provider 

She rejoices in happiness yet is witness to all evils 
Can anyone understand her workings 
Or predict her future 
Is she immortal 

Her virtues are patience and tolerance 
Her fury unmatched and unequaled 
In anger she knows no compassion 
Her beauty is boundless 

Her mountains crowned with frost 
Her glamour the sparkling oceans 
The stars her halo the clouds her veil 
And the green meadows are the pastures for her children 

 Copyright 2003


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