Friday, April 17, 2009

Inescapable Journey: The Life of a River Man

Below is a review of the most exciting book I have read in quite some time. I encourage all who have a true love for the great outdoors to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain your own copy of this book directly from the author to benefit Idaho Rivers United.

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting IRU member Bob Finkbine, no matter how brief
your encounter, chances are that you’ll never forget him. A history teacher by trade and a river rat and wilderness explorer by choice, Bob is one of those guys with more stories to tell than there are campfires to tell them at.

So last fall — just in case anyone has managed to miss spending time around a fire with him — Bob wrote about his life of river running and other adventures in a self-published autobiography: Inescapable Journey: The Life of a River Man.

Filled with plenty of humor and reflections from many nights spent in the wild, Bob’s book has touched those who know him, and has entertained many who don’t. “…I choose to share my stories because they tell of my haphazard journey into old age and toward a bonding with the land,” says Bob, who at age 75 joined IRU for our 2006 fund raising river trip to Costa Rica.

Inspired by IRU’s efforts to protect Idaho’s rivers, Bob chose to donate all proceeds from his book (collected voluntarily from friends, family members and acquaintances — the book has no set price) to IRU. He’s not even recouping printing costs.

Bob’s friends have responded. Since the book rolled off the presses last fall, donations in-lieu of payment for books have come to IRU from Arizona to Connecticut, and from France to Alaska. So far, Bob’s book has raised more than $3,000 for IRU and has brought more than 60 new members into the fold.

Copies of Inescapable Journey are still available. If you want one, just send Bob a note at When you receive your book, just send IRU a check for whatever amount you’re inspired to give.


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